The Government’s Return to Work Safety Protocol is designed to support employers and workers to put measures in place that will prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

The Protocol should be used by all workplaces to adapt their workplace procedures and practices to comply fully with the COVID-19 related public health protection measures identified as necessary by the HSE.

Government Logging Requirements

The protocol requires that employers “keep a log of contact/group work to facilitate contact tracing” (Section 2 Page 6). (Download Safety Protocol May 2020 / Original Government Link).

We’ve seen many businesses struggle to do this manually with pen and paper that must be cleaned after each use and poses a risk itself, both in terms of COVID exposure and Data Protection/GDPR issues. is a Secure, Easy to use service that makes contact logging and reporting simple & safe. It also allows you to centrally report on contact across your organisation from any location in real time. You are always in control of your data and it can be safely exported and deleted at the touch of a button.

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